Granite floor restoration

Has your natural stone floor lost it’s shine? Whether you need your floor re-sealed, polished or deep cleaned, our team is on hand.

We are experts in natural stone and have worked with all types of stone, from marble, slate and sandstone to travertine, limestone and granite.

When dealing with natural stone, it’s crucial that you understand the process so that you don’t permanently damage your stone floor during restoration. Regular maintenance such as cleaning, re-sealing and polishing should be completed to make sure your floor retains its lustre. But who’s to say you’ve got the time? That’s where we come in.

Our stone floor restoration service includes a combination of sanding, cleaning and sealing to get your floor back to best.

If you’ve just moved into an older property with natural stone floors in the kitchen and bathrooms, for instance, the tiles may seem beyond repair. But that’s rarely the case. Our complete stone floor restoration service will transform your floor and get it back to its original state.

To restore your floor, we will first remove any debris and strip away existing sealant. We’ll sand the floor to remove grime and scratches from the top surface, revealing the stone underneath, and then clean the floor and grout before re-sealing the stone.

It’s important to seal your stone floor to protect it from spills, scratches and other mishaps.

If your floor isn’t sealed, or hasn’t been re-sealed in a long time, it won’t be protected against spills and other accidents. For example, sauces such as ketchup are highly acidic and can damage natural stone permanently if the stone isn’t protected.

The process includes removing the old sealer, cleaning the floor and re-sealing it with impregnating sealer that will soak into the stone. You may see a slight colour variation when sealing stone and can choose from a variety of sealers, including colour enhancing sealer.